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Three national bestsellers,
including a new Woe Is I for our times.

Woe Is I, the witty language classic that proved English could be fun, has been called “possibly the most popular book on grammar ever published.”
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Origins of the Specious debunks the many myths of English that have bamboozled fans of the authors’ blog, books, and broadcasts. Is your favorite pet peeve really a no-no? It ain’t necessarily so. Read more …
Words Fail Me, the essential writing guide, has hundreds of sensible, useful tips that not only work but also make you laugh. Read more …
Woe Is I Jr. is the kids’ version of the bestselling grammar book for grown-ups. Shrek? Earwax-flavored jelly beans? Poems about meatballs? Read more …
And for a change of pace, check out Swan Song, Stewart’s new comic novel (with a foreword by Pat) about an elderly couple who get more than they bargained for when they move from the New York suburbs to a retirement community in Florida. Learn more …

Read the first chapter of Swan Song here

Hear Pat’s broadcasts
She has appeared regularly on public radio, including WNYC and Iowa Public Radio.

Are you myth informed?
Test your knowledge of English grammar, etymology, and usage with five quizzes.

Sex and the single pronoun
Read Pat and Stewart’s On Language column in the New York Times Magazine on the search for an all-purpose pronoun.

So she’s like, “I like LIKE!”
Whether you love “like” or hate it, read Pat’s “like”-minded On Language column in the New York Times Magazine.

An object lesson from the Oval Office
Read Pat and Stewart’s op-ed piece in the New York Times on President Obama’s English.

Happy birthday, Strunk and White!
Pat joins four other language mavens on the New York Times blog Room for Debate to discuss the 50th anniversary of The Elements of Style.

English and the Great Divide
Read Pat’s review in the New York Times of two new books about the English language.

Are you a fan of Raymond Carver’s stories?
Read Stewart’s interview with him in the New York Times just a few months before Ray died.

The email combat zone
Read Pat and Stewart’s On Language column in the New York Times Magazine about online writing.

War stories
Read one of Stewart’s dispatches from Vietnam.

What’s the right dictionary for you?
Pat discusses her favorites on the blog.

Are you a virtual mensch?
Test your email IQ.

Have you got rhythm?
A writer’s checklist.

What’s on Pat’s mind?
Read her interviews with Grammarist and with WritersWrite.

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Shelf Life 

Q: How many copies of Woe Is I: The Grammarphobe’s Guide to Better English in Plain English have been sold?

A: Half a million, and not all of them are in plain English! To the left is the cover of the Japanese edition.