The Books

Woe Is I

The Grammarphobe’s Guide
to Better English in Plain English

Whatever your grammar question, Woe Is I can help you answer it without hitting you over the head with a lot of technical jargon. For more, click here.

Swan Song

A Novel

In Stewart’s new novel, an elderly couple get more than they bargain for when they move from the New York suburbs to the Florida paradise they’ve dreamed of. For more, read on …


Origins of the Specious

Myths and Misconceptions
of the English Language

The latest book by Pat and Stewart debunks myths of English that have bamboozled fans of their blog, books, and broadcasts. For more, read on …

Words Fail Me

What Everyone Who Writes
Should Know About Writing

When words fail us, as they often do, the reasons are usually simple. So are the solutions. For more, click here.

Woe Is I Jr.

The Younger Grammarphobe’s
Guide to Better English
in Plain English

The kids’ version of the bestselling grammar book for grown-ups. Shrek? Earwax-flavored jelly beans? Poems about meatballs? For more, click here.

You Send Me

Getting It Right
When You Write Online

Can you believe it? Writing is cool again. Well, virtual writing. For more, read on.