English language

A message from Pat and Stewart

Dear readers,

We could use a little help to keep the Grammarphobia Blog going, and we’re not too embarrassed to ask for it (well, Stewart is a bit).

If you read the blog regularly, you may have noticed that something is missing—advertising. This is because we find ads just as annoying as you do.

Something else we don’t have is a paywall. You don’t have to buy a subscription to read our blog and to search the thousands of posts we’ve written over the past eight years. We’re free!

The downside, of course, is that the blog makes no money. So besides spending several hours a day researching and writing for the blog, the two of us pay all the expenses.

What expenses? To begin with, there’s the technical stuff: Web hosting, domain registration, maintenance, and so on. Then there are the costs of keeping our standard dictionaries and other reference books up to date, and of paying for annual subscriptions to the Oxford English Dictionary, the Dictionary of American Regional English, and other online resources.

We had hoped to cover our costs—and earn a little something for our work—with donations from readers. But unfortunately this hasn’t happened … yet.  With your help, it can happen in 2015.

Our heartfelt thanks to those of you who have contributed, especially those who donate regularly (one reader has even arranged a small monthly contribution through PayPal). Bless you all.

To the rest of you, if you like what we do and would like to pitch in, please help support the Grammarphobia Blog with a donation. No contribution is too small!

Thank you.

Pat and Stewart