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A snake in the Garden of Eden

Check out Swan Song, a comic novel by Stewart Kellerman (with a foreword by Patricia T. O’Conner) about an elderly couple who get more than they bargained for when they move from the New York suburbs to the Florida paradise they’ve dreamed of.

Sure, Sid and Selma Waxler’s best friends from Yonkers are nearby, and Selma and the other wives are delighted with all the “amenities” of lush, tropical Pelican Pond. But Sid is bored, and that spells trouble.

A snake has slithered into paradise and charmed the socks off Sid and the other bored husbands. Before long, Sid is drawn into a shady real estate scheme that threatens to topple everything he and Selma have worked for.

This comic novel has its bittersweet moments, as the “Three Musketeers”—Selma and her old friends Kitty and Rose—cope with demanding adult children, silly husbands, and the challenges of aging.

But in the end, Selma and Sid revive their marriage (yes, there is sex after 65!) and rediscover what’s most important in life.

Read the first chapter of Swan Song.

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